Birthday weekend

June 15, 2010 - 1:59 am 20 Comments

Hello hello..My Birthday weekend was quite an adventurous one! Raj’s surprise
unveiled to Macau :) Had the time of my life, indulged in everything sinful from
dessert to gambling (terrible I know) but within limits :) Everything was planned
to the T and was perfect, the only thing that wasn’t perfect was my weight when
I got back! ;) went slightly ballistic with the food but back on track now!
Anyways, Thank you all for all your beautiful heartfelt wishes was truly touched
that so many people remembered and cared!
Can’t thank God for all the love and blessings. Hope all of you are still following
“Mission Health” really impressed with some of the feedback I’m getting from a few
of you. Keep it up.. Until next week..
Lotsa pyar prayers and positivity

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Birthday week

June 5, 2010 - 12:26 pm 33 Comments

On my way back home after shooting Zara Nach Ke Dikha, its been a long day, actually
short compared to the usual shot just one episode. The girls performed on a medley
of my songs for an act and in similar costumes as I had done in my songs….. Just
made me very nostalgic and brought back some beautiful memories that made me a
tad bit emotional (don’t know why)in a good way..
This week was Home alone,since hubbys been away on work, was occupied with 
shooting a commercial, meetings, couple events and site visits. Building a home is
such a pain.. shifting home in a couple of months and its been a never ending job..
But its such a joy when u see it all coming together at the end of it all..just like LIFE!
Ha ha ok ok won’t get philosophical.. Glad Raj is back to celebrate my 1st birthday
after marriage on the 8th of June. He had instructed my manager to keep 7th 8th 9th
free to surprise me with a break (Yes, he’s full of surprises! :) He’s made
arrangements of a trip but I have NO idea where to..too sweet, all very exciting..
Today is World Environment day, the timing is great as every year on my Birthday
I plant a tree something my mom taught us to do. Try to do it if u can as well and
look after it too..So important to respect and reserve and value our natural
resources..this planet is a gift to us let’s save it for our future generations
That’s all for this week..will let u know where I was on my Birthday next
week ;) ….till then
love, prayers and good health!

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Better Late Than Never!!!!

May 25, 2010 - 11:41 am 12 Comments

As I had promised I will choose the best five comments and this is it. Not
in any order but I loved each one of them for a different reason.
But one reason is still constant, that I Love U All.

1. Tanusree, London
Happy you are practicing what I preach and that you value your health. You
will definitely reap its benefits. Will most gladly try my best to help you with
my “TIP” :)

Good health, love & prayers

2. Mayank
Very impressed with the way you live life proud of you and even I have a
lesson to learn from you. Yes discipline is the key wordd so keep it up.
Good health, love & prayers

3. Darshandeokule
I am so glad that you liked the blog and agree with all that I have said
and thank you for the compliment.
Good health, love & prayers

4. Iampraween
I enjoy reading your comments always and your feedback on this blog is
really sweet. I know that you meant every word coz it comes from your heart.
Was touched that you got emotional……. hope you are able to keep up with
this new resolution and spread the message.
Good health, love & prayers

5. Kanwal81
Love the feedback and it was a great insight to healthy living happy you
agree with me and you made some pertinent points.
Good health, love & prayers

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Live it up!

May 25, 2010 - 1:19 am 12 Comments

Hey all you lovely people.. Don’t even know how the last week flew by so fast.. Flew in
from Bangkok to Mumbai only for a day to shoot Zara Nach Ke Dikha and rushed back
to Kualalumpur that very night to shoot an ad film.. The shoot went really well, till I
got to hear of my mom being hospitalised…My moms my pillar of strength and to
not be in mumbai for her at the time really upset and disturbed me. Couldn’t wait to
finish and be by her side..So glad things were in control and my dad and Sister were
here! Rushed back and Breathed a sigh of relief once I hugged her..she’s definitely
on her way to getting better and have to thank you all for you’re heartfelt wishes
and prayers must say they worked and how !! :)

Hospital visits can be depressing but can also make you realize the VALUE of
Life, Doctors and a LOVED often we take our friends and family for
granted..its so important to live every moment and cherish the people we love..
So..whether it be ACTIONS or HEALTH, “Precaution is better than cure”..Value
relationships more than Ambition.. Let’s not wait for something wrong to happen
to realize the value of the people we care about! Lifes so it to the fullest..
Love you all
Lotsa prayers and pyar

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Health is Wealth!

May 14, 2010 - 12:27 pm 34 Comments

Helloooo all ! On the flight back to mumbai after my much needed Break.
All perky and happy ready to take on the world.
Most holidays are like indulgences but this one was like an “investment”..
for my future well-being. A deeper insight and guide to wellness. The Six
Senses Destination Spa Resort has NO room service, No tv and No phone
calls at meals concept..but has everything u would want for Fun and Peace.
From kayaking to cooking (healthy) to nutritional guidance, acupuncture..
they had it all.I also learnt to swim (float) considering I have only drowned
everytime I tried! This was good ha ha.
It was an amalgam  of Nutritional appreciation, stress management, spiritual
well being and being environment friendly. A very interesting concept
especially  for our generation considering we all are so addicted to JUNK
food and carbonated drinks (luckily not me but my husband used to be)!
This place was a different world, a set menu of 3 meals only( breakfast,
lunch, dinner) consisted of organic fresh vegetables and seafood no meat,
I enjoyed it and I’m a pucca non vegetarian !
Don’t know why.. but when we hear “Healthy” we think Non Tasty! (These
meals weren’t!) Its People who don’t know better and cause our minds are
conditioned that way. We only want the easy way out, readymade food,
fast food..its also hampering our system fast! Once we have an open
mind and value our health the change will happen automatically.
Seeing is believing and you u can only see the change only IF you try :)         
Strangely I’ve always been a foodie and a health freak (irony but true) so
this just introduced me to a new world of taste and self revelation when
it came to food. I had no idea that I would feel this good with this new
diet. They say “You are what u eat” so true.. I just believe we all need to
make a start somewhere and now is the time..we have to start living healthy
and spread the word..cause that’s the best thing you could  do for somebody
you care about. I am not saying lead a prosaic  boring life and don’t enjoy
your food. Just make small amends..
Same food lesser oil, don’t overcook food, avoid red meats, avoid  fizzy
drinks and fast name a few (Will give a tip every week). Its so
important to lead life with a bit of discipline, Go wild once a week, that’s
how I do and drink all that you want guilt free (the junk food included
if u must :) I think that’s fair! What say? !
Wanted to share my experience with you all, just wishing I could  be a  catalyst
in bringing about an awareness to a Lifestyle change  as this trip has made to my life..
Relaxation + Discipline = Detox, that’s what I had..
Came back Rejuvenated and enriched for life.
Okay enough for today, hope this wasn’t too boring, meant it
though cause I care for u all  :) Going to plunge into work as soon as I reach..
4hr flight, going to catch a  movie now..
Lotsa pyaar, positivity and prayers

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Mothers Day and a BREAK

May 8, 2010 - 5:40 am 6 Comments

First and foremost got to say I have been running in all directions the
last 2 weeks hence blogging came last on my priority list..not nice, I
know, but site visit’s (my new home), started on my new TV show
ZND (shooting 18hrs min), meetings, prior commitments (lots of new
things on the anvil) etc.. took up a lot of time wanting to finish all,
since I ‘m leaving for a 5 day spa holiday to Phuket.
ZND has been fun quite pleasantly surprised with some of the
performances on the show, amazing to see these tv actors
risk so much (doin fire acts. .) And put in soooo much effort
really endearing.
Today is Mothers day so todays acts were heart wrenching
choking me sometimes, maybe because I missed my MOM
more watching those acts!  have barely had the opportunity
to spend time with her after the wedding..Happy Mothers Day
to you MOM for being My strength u r the best..and all those
wonderful Mums out there for uncondionally loving and selflessy
caring. To all the kids pl take out 2 mins today and tell them
how  much u appreciate and love them.The Smile on their face
after that  will be worth it :)
Have been travelling or working constantly for the last 2months
so can’t wait to enjoy this break with Raj. Yippeee!
Get back for a day to shoot for “Zara Nach Ke Dikha”, then fly to
Kuala Lumpur to shoot a shampoo ad.. Yup, a hectic week ahead.
Wonder sometimes how I cope with these erratic crazy schedules…
but whats life without all the madness :) na?!… Living and loving
every bit of it.. you should too who knows..Kal ho na ho!
Positivity and love always

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IPL Awarded!

April 24, 2010 - 12:35 pm 19 Comments


Well its been a week of LSD Lalit,Secrets and Dhoka. Oh Man!
I dread to switch the tv on,every time I did I'd hear of
something worse happening! Sorry couldn't blog yesterday was
at the Ipl awards,was hosting a small bit with Karan,he's
such a pro.
Nice to see the Cricket fraternity come together to celebrate
in the midst of all this controversy. There was tension
looming no doubt but Srk's act put a smile on everyone's face,
Yusuf,Bhajji ,Yuvi were such sports :) Don't know what to make
of the current scenario even we are taken aback with most of
the revelations despite being part of the league..Just seems
like one huge political war and definitely not about the sport,
which is sad. I have no idea of what the Complete truth is,that
only Time will tell..We have and want to cooperate in every
way to help this probe reach its final conclusion..till then
just want to say Lalit Made IPL, Made India Proud,Made the IPL
Cricket a feasible and viewed sport worldwide! Unfair to make
him the fall man without a fair trial!
Okay..enough of that Started shooting for Zara Nach Ke Dikha
shot for 22 hours at a stretch, there was a technical glitch
and had to shoot two episodes as to get the combination dates
of all artists again would have been impossible before the cut
off....well our lives are not as glamorous as they look!!!!
Got to say it was worth giving up my sleep,the acts came as a
surprise..dances were innovative,one of the acts actually made
 me cry! Happy they've raised the bar  and the competition gets
tougher. We go on air from 1st May. A must watch:)
Looking forward to the finals Mumbai vs Chennai.. As a mumbaite
my loyalties are with Mumbai. So like they say Let's concentrate
on the Sport and not the "Games".

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Thank God Its friday!

April 16, 2010 - 5:04 am 18 Comments
Happy I am able to maintain this routine and keep my promise to
blog :) Tomorrow is the last RR match in Kolkotta,losing the
previous 2 dulled the possibilities of us getting into the Semis.
But me being the eternal positive thinker..think that there is
still a Divine chance!
My husband laughs when I discuss the permutations and combinations
of teams losing and winning in their matches and runrates etc..
Wondering if that could help us slip thru and qualify ;) but then
my pragmatic mind awakens and reminds me that most importantly WE
need to win the last one...Shane and the Team were pretty shattered..
hope it happens for their sake! Anyway whether that happens or not
got to say we all had a great time. This  surely was an enjoyable
ride. Will be even more emotional this year because if we don't win
the next match, this might be the last time we all meet as one RR
team (family) as most players go into the pot for the Auction in
a couple of months. Dunno how and what the new team is going to
look like but will miss the ones that won't be part of the Royals..
Love the Royals with a passion, so will stick by them whatever the
result. Highs and lows are part and parcel of life. So all packed
and fingers crossed for the next match, hoping for a win..hope is
what keeps us all going.
Its going to be a jam packed week. Start shooting for the new dance
show 'Zara nach ke dikha' press conferences, promo shoots and
meetings.. Love every bit of the life..and u all for
showing me so much love always. Till next friday No games only Sport;)
Duas and love

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April 9, 2010 - 6:07 am 17 Comments

Its Friday already, enroute to Jaipur to attend an RR team dinner hosted by the
Royal family her highness Maharani Padmani Devi, who I completely adore because she
is so full of positive energy and showers me with so much love.

Having finally recovered from my fever caused by the excessive travelling for the
matches, had to take a break on the doctors persistence.. The Royals are coming into
their own and gaining momentum and better form with every win (touchwood!).  A proud
moment for us owners to see the younger boys taking full advantage of this platform
and taking on the responsibility. Every year the royals have “A” player to gloat
about as a precious find. This year we are spoilt for choice! Ojha has been
consistently good and fired even under pressure, Lumb nearly single handedly made
the score required to beat Punjab, extremely talented. Siddarth Trivedi became a
hero bowling the final death over, against Deccan whew!!!! (What a match that was!)  
An exceptional bowler, a mixed bag of surprises. Voges,Faiz ,Dole, Jhunjhunwala… these
are just a few names to mention for this past week but the whole team deserves the
accolades for being in the position they are in right now! Last but not the least
the Captain of the Ship Warnie:) a great tactician who leads from the front and
knows how to turn the game around in dire straits! It just reiterates that this is
no ORDINARY team! :) Halla bol! Ok enuff about cricket…

In the midst of all this shot for a jewellery brand and signed up for “Zara Nachke
Dikhaa” a new dance show on Star TV. Readying ROYALTY for the official opening to
public very soon!!!! Will make a formal announcement when that happens… And more..

Have to Thank you all for the wishes and prayers, there is a God who is listening to
Lots of Love SSK xx

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Good Friday

April 2, 2010 - 4:02 am 8 Comments

Wishing all near and dear a very Happy Easter. This has been a very exciting week
for me, four wins in a row has now catapulted RR to 4th place and what a roller
coaster its been! We all have our good days and bad days,the last match against
Delhi wasn’t a good day! We lost that battle but the War is not over. Good news for
all RR fans, Shane Watson has landed in India and if all goes well will be playing
for us tomorrow against Chennai :)  The Team has held fort pretty well considering
all the mishaps..the inclusion of Waston is a much needed shot in the arm for the
Supposed to shoot an ad campaign for a jewellery brand but woke up feeling extremely
ill, the doctor has put it down to exertion, so had to call off the shoot cause I just
wasn’t up to it (felt terribly guilty). Its the first time I have ever had to cancel
on the day of a shoot :(
I am going to take a rain check on the Chennai Match, much as I want to be there..
need to get my energy back and the doctor has suggested that..but Raj and the entire
family will be there. I will be glued to the television and praying for our victory!
As for the statement nonchalantly made by a player calling RR an Ordinary side,I d
just like to say its a team with extraordinary talent and 2008 Ipl
champions….Ahem!!!!Not so ordinary after all !!:)

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